Why does Niche Selection have to be so Hard?

Why does Niche Selection have to be so Hard?

Article by Steve Boyle

Why is it that the hardest thing for any new internet marketer is to pick a niche?

I think it’s due to the fact that we all want the niche we pick to be a rip-roaring success; a home-run. You fear that if you pick the wrong niche, you’ll not make any money and you’ll waste days, weeks or months of time working on something which is of no use.

In truth, if you interviewed dozens of successful internet marketers, you’d probably find that most of them have found success in niches which were different to the ones that they began with!

When you’re starting out you want to hit that home run with your first site. You want to become that overnight success; to get to that millionaire lifestyle and whilst getting that lifestyle is perfectly possible, you’ll not get there unless you start taking action!

In truth, the chances are that your first site won’t make you rich overnight. There, I’ve said it. Not many ‘gurus’ will tell you that but it’s important to realize it because it means two things:1. It doesn’t really matter what you pick for your first niche2. You need to find out fast if your niche is actually going to earn you any money

So, the best approach is to follow a system which will enable you to test out a niche quickly and find out if it’s going to be a money earner for you.

There’s an old saying which goes “Fail fast and fail forward” and it’s very true when it comes to niche selection and the actions you take. It doesn’t need to take a long time to grab a domain name and set up a website; and it doesn’t need to cost a lot – you could even do it for free.

But the process of going through the actions will teach you the valuable skills you need to make your internet business a success. This is where the ‘fail forward’ comes into it.

When you pick your next niche you’ll be able to set up your website faster and with the experience and knowledge you picked up the first time.

You’ll know better how to use the tools and, whether you realize it or not, you’ll know more about picking a winner. So, your odds of picking a successful niche have just increased significantly.

If you talk to experienced online business owners, you’ll often find that they aren’t ’emotionally involved’ in their niche selections. This is because they know that, if it doesn’t earn them money, they’ll need to maybe let it go. If you’re emotionally attached to your niches, you’ll not be able to make a decision to move on.

So, buy all means learn about keyword research and WordPress and other tools in the internet marketers’ toolkit, but don’t get hung up on your niche selection.

Of course, one way to help fast-track your online business is to buy a training course or system to follow. The key here is to start off with something simple. Thinking that the bigger the course or the bigger the guru will mean the bigger the success doesn’t always work!

This is a case of learning to walk before you can run. Pick a simple system that will enable you to learn quickly how to make some money without spending an absolute fortune to do so. And, please; pick a system that really gets you past niche selection and on to actually doing some marketing and making some money – that’s the fun part!


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