What is the importance of back links for my website?

What is the importance of back links for my website?

Article by Jason Croll

From an SEO point of view, back links are extremely important to increase web traffic and link popularity. These links refer to links from another website, directed to your website. Also known as inbound links, these links indicate the popularity of a website. Additionally, they are also considered as votes by search engines, which means, the number of back links your website has and the credibility and importance of the websites linking back to yours together have a direct bearing on your website’s rank. When you create inbound links to your website, you increase the chances of your website to get indexed quickly by search engines. They help to drive quality traffic to your website and in the long run improve your Page Rank and overall ranking in search engines.

It must also be remembered that having links to your website is not enough. It is good quality back links that really matter! A good quality back link is one that helps another website to link back to your site with the keyword that you have chosen to optimize. Also, inbound links coming from a website that has a similar theme as your website are also considered as good quality back links. As against this, back links that come from a site, which is completely unrelated to the content you have on your website are considered irrelevant and do not have much of a role to play in your specific SEO strategy. Therefore, higher the relevancy of links to your website, the better is their quality and usefulness from the seo point of view.Good quality links can be extremely significant to implement a robust SEO strategy. Google and other search engines give a lot of importance to quality back links on your website and based on them, give your website a preference over others!

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing and others watch out for websites that build good quality incoming links gradually over time. In this context, it must be remembered that while building links on the web pages with a view to achieve better rankings is quite easy, it is quite a challenge to manipulate search engines with regards to inbound links coming from external websites. This clearly underlines the importance of creating good quality links to your website and their importance in search engine algorithms. Unethical back links created illegitimately can get a website banned!

Creating good quality back links is a time, effort and money consuming process. But since the quality and relevance of these inbound links can make or break a website, it is important to seek the services of a professional seo expert to achieve better search engine rankings.

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