Web Traffic For Dummies

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web traffic for dummies
How to generate traffic to a website?

Does anyone know of any websites that help generate traffic to a website? I am trying to start a business website and I'm still learning the ins and outs of working on a website. (I went to the library and got the web design for dummies book to help me:)) If it helps any, I have a site that services people who need help with water salt and maintaining freshwater aquariums. It also tells you how to care for specific fish. If you want to visit is: howtocareforfish.com. If there is anything you think I could improve, such as site design and usability, please let me knowledge. I'm trying to earn a living and I feel bad that my husband is the sole supplier at the moment and I'll try to help him out by paying some of our projects legislation. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for all the answers in advance! 🙂

At a strategic level, identifying your business goals. What do you want to reach the site? Are you selling something, either directly or as an affiliate? Do you offer a service which generate income. How? Then you can set the number of these objectives (selling products or service orders) to help you win back positive, backword then work to the amount of traffic you need. There are many ways for that. Some are listed below seo – Search Engine Optimization – Classification of keywords and get traffic in the form of visitors who seek the help of these sentences. Trafficking also links to your site from other sites, obtained through your efforts referencing link creation. Email Marketing – Another way to get early traction for your website. This will work effectively if you have customers who want more information obtained through your marketing efforts. Social Media – Creating your presence on the main social media sites in your area such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, niche networks in your area (about aquariums and fish species as pets company) Forums & Discussion Groups – The old methods of social networking, but effective if done right. Mainly focus on presenting your expertise. Blogs, Articles – If you have great writing skills, you have excellent opportunities to use these materials. So well done, they can complement your efforts in SEO. Offline – through brochures, business cards and all forms of advertising affordable, you can build your presence. Hard work and perseverance – Alignment of all the above and more to your business goals will help you. Just keep a long- term and it is well 🙂

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