Web Design To Avoid

Web design can be difficult. On the web you’ll be able to discover many articles on enhancing your design, errors to stay away from, techniques to improve. Some of these articles can be rather tough for less technical people to understand. Below are some of the simplest internet design mistakes to make  put in effortless to understand language. Now there is no excuse for basic web design mistakes.

If it flashes get rid of it. There is no grey area. If you have  something on your web site that flashes colours at users then get rid of it. Flashing lights and colours are annoying, unprofessional and drive visitors away. Get rid of it now!

Don’t play music or video automatically. Firstly if you’re not a online record shop or promoting your band why do you even require music? Making use of technology just due to the fact it is possible to doesn’t make it worth while. Secondly a user can choose if they need to play the song you’ve directed them to. Forcing them to listen to it takes away choice  and it is rude. There is nothing more annoying then music spontaneously bursting from your speakers (except possibly flashing coloured lights). Set music to play only when required by the user.

Do not take over the users computer. A user would rather really feel in control of their web experience. Resizing browser windows or opening new windows takes away this control.

Make the font readable. You need a user to invest as much time on your website as you possibly can. If text is hard to read or unpleasant to look at they’ll move on to yet another site. Sure a fancy text looks nice if you don’t need to read the content but would you prefer users to read the info or just say oh it looks pretty?

Include your contact details. Forget to include your contact information is like sending out party invitations and forgetting to tell individuals what day the party is on. The entire point of a website is to get people to contact you, to get them involved. It’s crucial. Do not forget.

Links are important. Basically links help users to know where they can go next or where they’ve been. Links should be quickly identified, either with underlined text or bold and having a different colour. Links which have already been followed need to be another colour. It’s all about making your website easy to use.

Scrolling sucks. To put it mildly scrolling past pages or text or photos to find a link at the bottom of a very long page is really a complete discomfort. Scrolling horizontally is even more frustrating. Design your page fit 1024 x 768 pixels so that most can view it with out annoying scroll issues.

Look at your spelling. This one may be the most basic, before you hit publish, hit spell check. Spelling errors look unprofessional.




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