Twitter Marketing – Effective Tweeting with Twitter Marketing Software TweetAdder – Twitter marketing software doesn’t come much easier to use than TweetAdder and this is why we’re recommending it to you more than any other. So this is a short video on Twitter marketing and how to effectively use the automated tweets area within TweetAdder. It really is the best Twitter marketing software around because of how easy it is to use, but we thought we’d give you some general tips about how to use it correctly. It’s a powerful piece of software when it’s used right. And when it is used right there’s no better Twitter marketing strategy out there. Here’s our exclusive link to get the software and the TweetAdder discount code to use Use this code at checkout: MATHEWDAY (Only valid for another month guys!) It’ll give you 20% off whatever version you decide to purchase. For more videos on Twitter marketing, Twitter marketing software, Twitter marketing guides and general Twitter news and software reviews, come see us at

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