Tips For Small Enterprise SEO

S.E.O For Small Business

Small enterprise seo company.php">SEO is more critical than most business owners realize. It use to be that the yellow pages, phone
book, poster advertisements and other traditional methods were sufficient to advertise locally. In the last couple years we have
seen huge changes thanks to the web. It is currently faster to go looking for what you’re looking for on the internet. Studies
show that even for local products and services people are now researching them online first then buying
offline. So if you’re not visable online then you’re missing alot of possible customers.

Local Search seo

Since google started their local search results things have dramatically changed. Now the small enterprise owner can
rank domestically online easier than ever because the competiton is much lower. Before local search results that you had to
compete nationally or globally. Now you can compete by city, zip code and area/county.

Am I Able To Do Local S.E.O Myself?

Yes your are able to. Depending on how competitive your niche is usually getting yourself noted on local directories such
as Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, Hotfrog, Yelp, Best Of The Web and other smaller local directories you
will be before your competiton.

Onsite SEO

One more thing to do yourself is onsite S.E.O. You can look up the basics on Google and find out enough to get your
site ranked. Most smaller companies have terribly virtually no seo .

SEO Services

If you do want to use an S.E.O service then there is a local way to approach it. You do not have to go for everything
all at once. Start by onsite SEO and the directories I discussed above and see whether that will get you ranked. Then
if you want to ask them about some linkbuilding on a small scale. Remember you only need to do it better than your competitors.

Mellisa Allen has been an SEO web designer for more than a decade. On her web site she has great articles for SEO newbies.

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