The Growth of Modern SEO

The Growth of Modern SEO

Earlier, an SEO’er was just another geek. Before the advent of Google, the basic requirement from an SEO’er was searching and page tweaking. Optimize a site required keyword stuffing, tag stuffing and headline stuffing. And before the internet simplified content management, these things were only possible by a programmer. And that is how the geek typecast befell the SEO.

But times have changed. The internet has evolved and so has modern day SEO. The personality and skill sets required for the job profile have altered drastically. The main reason for change was the invention of Google and its increasing popularity. With PR making it easier to analyze patterns and understand which links get more interest, the page tweaker’s job was nullified.

All of a sudden, inbound links gained a lot of importance. Page tweaking and code tweaking was no longer the main job. In other words, it was game over for programmers.

There is no place for geeks in the SEO business anymore as the basic job profile of a present-day SEO would scare the living daylights of any geek. This is because the current requirements are exactly the things geeks are averse to and the reason they are referred to as geeks.


Long story short, geeks hate socializing. It is one of the main reason geeks are geeks. They are anti social. But to be a successful SEO, one needs to interact within the industry and within the market to understand behavior and patterns. Eg., Check this for SEO Training, seo" title="seo training" target="_blank">  The social media is a very resourceful secondary source of traffic for SEOs. Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Pinterest and Spinn are all very essential for an SEO.

Granted that sociliasing in this case involves hiding behind a computer screen. But regular participation and credibility is required. This is why daily submissions, voting and commenting are an essential part of an seo ’s existence. Operating from behind a computer screen might be a lot easier than in real life. But communicating with others, networking and being creative can all be more than a handful for any geek.


The very mention of the word can make any geek shiver. The languages that geeks are well versed in are JAVA and PHP. And that is of no help on a social networking site. English is mandatory for any SEO as maintaining a regular blog is the least that is expected from any SEO.

Producing content on a regular basis helps to maintain the steady flow of knowledge and expertise. Moreover, personal rankings help in establishing a clear-cut understanding of skill and ability. It makes it easy to analyse what is working and what is not. After all, when it comes to generating personal rankings, blogs are the ultimate user friendly platform.

For more leverage from a blog or a social networking site, there needs to be interaction. And for this, new content needs to be produced on a regular basis. So with the requirement of content generation, the art of copywriting became an essential part of an SEO’s tools.


Linkbait. The word describes itself. Any link that is so interesting that it will bait the user into clicking on it. And getting a user to open a link is half the battle won. Linkbait therefore means creating content that will generate inbound links. If the tactic is successful, it will lead to increased traffic on the site or the blog and this in turn will generate a higher personal ranking.

Anything that is unique or new can work as a linkbait. But if you dig deeper, something controversial or interesting works best. Humorous content also works but all this involves a lot of creativity. Along with information, statistics and writing skills, the SEO needs to have his creative juices flowing.


Making friends is not easy for a geek. Friends on a social network are not the same as real life friends. But regular online contact and mutual respect is very important. Supporting each other in terms of social media submissions, votes, links etc. also matter and that is why an seo needs to have people skills.

So, from all this we can deduce that an SEO is not just another geek anymore. If anything, he is the exact opposite!


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