The Difference Between Presell and Sales Copy

If you need to do something about sagging sales, then consider discovering preselling because it can do absolute wonders for conversions. Preselling acts to put people in a more receptive state for the offer, and it also works to decrease resistance to the sales copy. Given below are a few effective tips to help you write a more convincing presell.


Yes, preselling is powerful, but you can make it do much more for you with tracking clicks and testing different aspects of your copy. There are essentially two things you need to always know; the time on your page and the click-thru percentages on your money link. This process of testing and tracking not only is required for your website’s presell content, but also the content that you use to follow up with your prospects with your autoresponder. Every single step that you take towards effectively improving the conversions will allow you to make consistent enhancements, which slowly increase the number of sales and positively affects your overall business. Having the right kind of data gives you the freedom to create better presell content for the future, which is why testing is so crucial for your success.


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Another source of social proof involves searching for any supporting comments that have been offered by others. Since you are an affiliate for the product, then you can explore the testimonials on the sales page. As you know, this is all about social proof, and even in this cynical age people still respond to it. Anymore, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is coming down hard on IMers and affiliate marketers for essentially lying about things like testimonials, etc. But if you make people suspicious by using a lot of testimonials, then obviously it will all backfire on you.


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Also, numbers and graphs really get people’s attention, but once again if it is in the IM niche, then people may think it is doctored, so proceed with some caution. So of course you have to look at what you are selling and do the research. Using such supporting data will simplify the whole process of convincing your prospect about the product that you’re preselling. There is really nothing hard about writing presell copy, you just need to apply your self and learn how to do it.


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