Spamming – A Black-hat’ But Efficient Website Positioning Action

In general, spamming transpires to be the act of sending unsolicited messages in bulk indiscriminately over electronic messaging systems.

In context to SEO (web site optimization), spamming is known as the action of employing disreputable tactics and plans to understand better results i.e. high search engine rankings. Since search engines like google have an organic algorithm to assign rankings to your various web pages on line, various websites manipulate their codes and content to get higher rankings in search engines. While many of many manipulative strategies are within the ethical boundaries, many unethical SEO techniques are put in practice too by various seo services.

These unethical SEO strategies yield higher ROI in a very short span of time and in consequence, many web site optimization companies employ these strategies. However, they may be unethical or illegal practices that may be subjected to stem-cell research into the website because of the google and yahoo and thus, can have grave consequences in the long run affecting the site’s targeted traffic, reputation and income. Recently, Google had the rankings of several websites cut down using a good portion. The fact just for this act was that every of those websites were directly or indirectly associated with the buying and selling of backlinks.

SEO techniques applied to spamming

  • Non-relevant repetition of keywords within the content and Meta tag of the webpage.
  • Usage of text-links and hidden links visible only to search engine optimization crawlers. E.g. white links.
  • Link farms i.e. one internet site redirecting to links of several other webpages.
  • Creation of mirror website.
  • Buying of backlinks or trading it for monetary benefits.

Spamdexing -It is the act of modifying HTML of websites to improve the possibility really being higher rankings in search engines.

Spamming is one of the menaces that fall within the bracket of black hat SEO techniques. While it may benefit few, most are unduly affected by it. An SEO consultant may give suitable advice on avoiding spamming and around the usage of white hat seo techniques to accelerate the rankings of a website.

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