Some Factors that contribute to your Jumping Ability

Being able to jump higher can give you several advantages on the sport you are currently playing . Jumping may seem unimportant to an ordinary person, but athletes with this ability can become a very successful athlete.

Professional athletes know the importance of being able to jump higher, as it greatly contributes on their chances of winning; basketball, volleyball, long and high jumping are some of the few sports that benefit from the particular ability. Learning to jump higher can help you score more points, as well as help your teammates and your team to win the game.

You might think that you are able to jump high at the moment, but you might be surprised that you can do better . Listed below are some tips that let you know how to dunk :

– Lose some weight . Having less weight makes you lighter, which in turn makes you able to jump higher. If you have noticed, most athletes are skinny and lean, and the previous statement is the reason . It also gives you the ability to run and move faster.

– Build up your muscles . Exercise can do good for you, especially if you’re doing weights . Toning your muscles, especially you leg muscles, can improve your ability to jump higher.

– Do stretching exercises for flexibility. Stretching exercises can be beneficial to build up flexibility of your feet and arms. Your agility and nimbleness will also improve along with your flexibility.

– Do breathing exercises . Mundane as it may be, it is quite important to build up stamina as well .

And these things should be done when you jump :

– If you are jumping from a stationary position, get into the right position, meaning that your knees are bent, hips are flexed, and have all your energy redirected on your feet . Doing so will make you able to jump higher than before.

– If you intend to jump while running, make sure that you give yourself one or two preparatory steps; it basically goes like this: first step, second step, and then jump . Doing this can give you enough momentum to make you jump higher and longer .

With these tips in mind, you will find that you are, indeed, able to jump higher than before!

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