Social Marketing 101 with Chase McMullen

Social Marketing 101 Chase McMullen discusses how Social Marketing directly benefits you. He qualifies that Social Marketing is far better than the standard TV spot, because there is a limited benefit from a TV spot. Social Marketing allows you to promote your marketing tool (video, ad campaign, and etc.) as many times as you want, starting from the moment you create it. Whereas TV spots only provide you with a time frame, and limits you to a specific amount of views in a given period. Proving that social marketing has an infinite return on investments (ROI), opposed to the finite benefit of standard TV advertising. Furthermore, TV spots only have one geographical area that is promoted to, which limits your capability of taping into additional markets. (Unless you purchase air time in all those other market, which increases your cost exponentially.) Whereas, social marketing can penetrate all those other markets, this is achieved by word of mouth from people you share it to. Follow the math for a second: 1 turns into 5, if those 5 share it to 5 additional people that turns quickly into 30shares from one person. As you can see the growth is exponential to the amount of shares each person does. Allowing you to be seen from a larger body of people. SkyTip Media info@skytipmedia

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