SEO Secret’s – Back Link Gold!

seo Secret’s – Back Link Gold!

Article by Ken Plain

As an low" target="_blank" >seo expert, one of the things I hear the most confusion about is back links. What are they, how important are they to Google, and how do I get them. I have to admit this is one tough cookie to chew. Back links are neither easy to get nor are they something you can just go out and purchase without taking a chance on being penalized by Google. And you do not want to be in Google jail for trying to game the system.So what exactly are back links? They are links from other web sites that point to your web site. Let me give you an example, if you are like most people you get your new from the internet. And when you go to your favorite site, you see links to a variety of news articles.

Those links are back links. How do you get back links and what is important to Google. I have found that back links come in all shapes and sizes. What I mean by that is Google prefers to see back links that are somewhat related to your web site, but will accept back links from most places as long as they are not link farms. Pay for a thousand back links from a link farm and you might be banished from Google completely. So a back link can come from virtually any where. For example highlight an article or section from your web site and then submit it to DIGG, or any one of hundreds of similar social bookmarking sites. Here is a list of 64 sites just like DIGG you can submit links to.

Now submitting links to social bookmarking sites will generate some link juice with google, it is not exactly what I would call a quality back link. Here’s a couple of tips to finding high quality back links for your web site. Let’s say you have small business selling comforters and bedding. You have a web site but you’re not getting found in google. To get some quality back links you might do a search like this back links inurl:category/guest where keyword is replaced with comforter. By typing this into google search box comforter inurl:category/guest you will get results showing 58 links where you might be able to respond to blogs about comforters. Because they allow guest posts, you should be able to include a link to your web site in your comment. What I generally try to do when commenting in blogs is to add some actual interesting insight to the blog. I also generally use something that relates to a keyword someone might search for when looking for me as the username. So in this case I might have a username of Down Comforter. Because most blogs will use that user name as the text for the back link to your web site. Google will then find the back link see the text says Down Comforter and associate the keywords down comforter to your web site since that is where the link goes.

Want to know a very special key that will get you some of the highest quality back links you can get in Googles eyes? That’s right I am talking links. those back links are what I refer to as back link gold. Meaning that if you have just a or .gov back links, you will see a rapid improvement in your search engine ranking. I know of a local florist who is ranked number #1 for keyword {city} flowers mostly because they have backlinks. The web site is under a year old and because of back links google has put them number #1. Subscribe to this blog and I will email you the secret to finding back links. the blog can be found at http://www.1-local seo

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