Second Income Review Rates IBOToolbox 5 Star

Second Income Review Rates IBOToolbox 5 Star

Article by Robert J. Banach

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A Second Income Review: IBOToolbox:

IBOToolbox is one of the internet’s best hidden secrets for the internet marketing. I say hidden as there are only roughly 17,000 associates currently signed up to this site / service.That is a statistic that will not last long, IBOToolbox is averaging 60 to 100 new associates everyday, and roughly 30,000 visitors per day are accessing one or more of the many sites that work in conjunction with the main IBOToolbox site.

IBOToolbox’s (IBO stands for Independent Business Owner) growth rate is remarkable. Visit and view the statistics real time.The Global Ranking is currently at 25, 758, the US Ranking is 5,884 and the Reputation (The Sites Linking In to IBOToolbox) is 13.There have only been three reviews of the site entered in at Alexa as of this writing, and they have all rated IBOToolbox at 5 Stars out of 5 Stars.

Why is IBOToolbox growing and attracting internet marketers? Because of the ‘tools’ in the toolbox.

The Dashboard, the first and main page of the site. The triple menu across the top of the page is concise making navigation easy.

On the very top menu is the Search function, for searching for fellow IBOtizens. This Search allows you to search by name, location, organization and date they joined IBO, very easy to find anyone you may be looking for.

The 2nd menu has your credit handling panel. Credits are what you use for your advertising on IBO (posting is free), ads show up on the Dashboard, on IBOSocial pages, and numerous other sites associated with IBO.Also, on the 2nd menu are ‘bubbles’, these bubbles are to notify you about associates wanting to associate with you, messages you have received, and more.

Next on the Dashboard is The Wall. This is the area where you are allowed to post your business opportunities all day long. The system does not allow you to spam, there is a timing device so you are not able to post too quickly. There is also a filter so you can not post the same post too frequently.Every time you post a blog or video The Wall notifies all that you have done so.

On the left side of the Dashboard are your Activity Analyzer for showing you your effectiveness in using IBOToolbox, getting you recognition by being thorough and active.

Next are the recognition statistics – IBOBigDogs, top advertising associates, traffic eaders, those getting the most visits to IBO, TopEnrollers, the leaders in getting new members. What do these statistics do for you, they put your name in front of every member and visitor to IBOToolbox, excellent exposure and a great way to build your following.

Then there is a listing of the most recent Members coming online. This allows you to set appointments with others to set up a chat, find new members, or just see who else is utilizing this site.

Finally on the left side menu is your ProfileVisitors, giving you an at a glance the numbers of people finding you.

Next is the right site of the Dashboard, leading the way is the ‘Featured Member Of The Day’. This is an excellent way to get attention for your businesses, it shows your profile picture, your name, your business, your activity level and the social media networks you are involved in so people can follow you on other sites, too. This position is picked randomly for Members who have purchased credits in the last three days. This is basically self-promotion by IBO to get you to by credits and by them frequently, instead of in bulk (which would save you money), but for the opportunity to get listed here, and from what I understand from associates who have been featured, and amazing way to get tons of more followers.

Then is the Advertising section, there are only 5 advertisements shown on the Dashboard at any one time, so they get attention. How much is up to you and how good of an ad you write.

Onto to a very important section, the Training Schedule. Like any thing else in life, what you don’t know will hurt you, and that is never more true than here at IBO. Learn what IBO is doing to help you build your business, I believe you will be amazed, as I’ll explain about the bottom section. The one thing missing from the Training Section is the comment “See Help For Training Videos and Recordings of Previous Webinars”. I think it would help newbies, but maybe IBO knows best. Just click on ‘Help’ to find this information.

The bottom of the right side menu is the ‘Follow Us’ section with two parts. The first is the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube buttons so you can follow IBO on these social media sites, and see your posts and videos posted by IBO, an excellent feature in getting you attention for your business.

And lastly is the “Your blogs are also published here:” section, yes you have read this right, not only does IBO publish your blogs on your IBOSocial page, but they also publish your blogs at four other hot properties on the web. Properties that are indexed frequently by search engines like Google and Bing. This is a phenomenal feature of what IBOToolbox offers, how better to get your business ranked but by posting one blog and having it posted on 4 other sites.

This article is just the basics of what is available to you at IBOToolbox, it is just a review of the Dashboard, and though I have gone over the highlights, there is so much more that you can avail of yourself here. rates IBOToolbox as a 5 Star resource for the Internet Marketer.

Learn about the other tools, widgets (see one below) and more

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