Mod_rewrite: An Efficient Website Positioning Skill

Whether it’s your PPC search engine marketing campaign or website optimization, seo Company in India utilizes the facility of Mod_rewrite to bring about seo friendly URLs for attracting more visitors and gaining higher page ranks.

Mod_rewrite i s definitely an Apache web server extension module that may be made use to rewrite requested URLs. It is mainly utilized to solve search engine optimization based problems faced with webmasters. A Mod_rewrite made use of for rewriting URLs to provide an output of your final webpage with the user at the server level. Mod_rewrite is likewise generally utilized to avoid duplicate content or redirect moved URLs. It makes URLs more user-friendly and prevents exposing the behind-the-scenes workings of an internet site site’s address for those.

Avoid Duplicate Content

A Mod_rewrite is very utilized to avoid duplicate content. The webmaster chooses the best URLs from many selections and replaces it together with the current urls and index pages. Including, you may think such for same URLs:

  • http:/

These URLs are different. Hence the server could return different content from all URLs. But, sometimes, the server returns precisely the same content for your URLs, thus causing duplicate problems.

Create seo Friendly URLs

An SEO expert would utilize the basics of Mod_rewrite to bring about online search engine friendly URLs to take your seo -search-engine-ranking/">seo website indexed by major search engines, attract more page views and gain higher PR. It uses to be installed on the Apache server to work with its services.

There is really a key reason in making use of Mod_rewrite for SEO purposes. Most engines like google provide better ranking to static websites in the Google and yahoo Result Pages (SERPs). In case your dynamic URL is rewritten internally using Mod_rewrite, seems like static to go looking engine crawlers (technically it truly is dynamic). Thus, the site’s page rank improves.

Using the Mod_rewrite, the Expert of seo inserts content or topic-relevant keywords on the URL. For implementing the Mod_rewrite functionality into your website, one must have Apache installed together with the Mod_rewrite extension module.

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