MLM | The Problem With Network Marketing Network Marketing (MLM) – Learn the truth on how to make it in MLM – Network Marketing and learn why most MLM Distributors fail to create that quality of life they deserve inside Network Marketing. MLM and Network Marketing: 7 Tips to Get You Started Multi-Level Marketing is a strategy where the sales person is compensated for the sales they generate themselves along with the sales generated by other people they have recruited. Some other terms that is often used in reference to MLM include network marketing, pyramid selling and referral marketing. There are so many individuals who choose network marketing as their career only to find that they are not making any money. Do you know why they are not making any money? Because they just jumped right into the game and didn’t try to learn the field before they played it. In the paragraphs below, we are going to lend you a helping hand by giving you seven MLM tips. MLM Tip Number One: Spending Money on Inventory that is Priced High There are various plans out there that ask distributors to spend a great deal of money on high-priced inventory. Individuals who would like to be successful in their journey are encouraged to research the company before they “invest” in it. If a plan is asking for a large amount of money, the distributor should automatically beware of them. MLM tip Number Two: Beware of Plans Claiming You’ll Make More Money Through the Growth of Your “Downline.” The growth of your

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