Meal Prep Containers 3 Compartment

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Meal Prep Containers 7 Pack,Bento Lunch Boxes – 3 Compartment Food Storage Container with Lids,Portion Control,Microwave,Dishwasher,Freezer Safe(26oz)

-7 Pack Meal Prep Containers Feature:

3 Compartment Food Containers with Easy-open Lids, NOT LEAK-PROOF, Avoid liquids or runny food.

Portion Controlled Bento Boxes Containers, Keep Food Fresh and Safe From Contamination with bento box dividers.

Reusable, Microwave, Freezer and Dishwasher Safe. Heat Food Up or Cool them Down. Withstand the Microwave and Dish Washing Machine.

Colorful Lids Help Keep Your Kood More Organized, Making Lunch and Snack Time Fun and Simple for All Ages.

-Best Bento Lunch Boxes for For Adults/Kids

Designed with eco-friendly material, and easy-open lids, the lunch containers allow you to bring food to work or school and eat healthy meals. Or carry to the outside, such as picnic or travel. Your bento box containers are easy to load up on the veggies and keep the tasty indulgences to a proper amount. Dividing your food in 3 compartments helps you achieve your diet and weight-management goals. Lunch at the work place, school or trips to the park, there is Green vege Bento Lunch Containers to suit your needs.

-Suggestions & Package

Before microwaving, open a lid corner to allow steam to vent. Besides, The bento box containers are not as strong as Tupperware or hard plastic. But our meal prep containers are durable and reusable, under a recommended gentle hand wash. The meal prep containers are wrapped in a paper sleeve detailing the multi virtues of these storage containers. Each package will come with 7 Pack Meal Prep Containers, Multicolored.

Are you ready to enjoy a healthier life? No need for multiple, different size containers. Our meal prep containers will make it easy for you. With Green vege Bento Lunch Box Containers, you can have everything in one.

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