JSS-Tripler now has 458,574 members –now growing by over 3-5,000 new members a day.

JSS-Tripler is a part of the JUST BEEN PAID (JBP) family of programs which began in 2008. It is an HYIP, High Yield Investment Program. Members do get access to very high quality training materials as a part of their membership. As with any investment programs there is some risk, though JSS TRIPLER has received a US Patent for their formula and is indefinitely sustainable. This is due to the mathematical formula that is used to convert un-matured positions of a certain age into matrix positions, in groups of 4, at predetermined periods. Daily Earnings are decreased because of the reduced number of positions, but member’s money is not lost.

Positions in JSS Tripler are purchased by members at $10@. This investment grows at 2% per day for 75 days to maturity. Once 4 positions mature, a matrix position is created (6 spots to fill) that pays $60 when it cycles. It is recommended to purchase positions in multiples of 4 for this reason.

So a $40 investment earns $.80 /day. On day 13, the earnings are used to purchase another. Now its making $1.00/day. Ten days later, another. And the process continues unless you decide to pull out your earnings, which you can do daily. If you just re-invest on Day 76 you have earned $60 and you have 16 positions and 3 matrix positions! The growth just continues. Imagine another zero if you invested $400, or $4,000.

I joined Just Been Paid’s JSS TRIPLER on May 28th, 2011 with an initial investment of $40. I Purchased ONE (1) Matrix position in JBP Synergy Surf and two (2) positions in JSS TRIPLER. I started making $.40 per day.  Here’s a screenshot:

Over the course of the next few months, I managed to get a few referrals, who also got referrals and I purchased new JSS TRIPLER positions from my earnings and commissions from their purchases. By Jan 2012, I was here:

There was a restart on Jan 7th.  The restart converted un-matured positions to new matrix positions. The result in daily earnings was this:

I was shocked, but then I saw the results in the JBP Synergy Surf MATRIX positions. The restart had converted 147 positions and created 51 new matrix positions that will pay $60 when they cycle. So I felt better! Especially considering that the money invested came from earnings not my pocket. It did the same for my referrals and their referrals. So today I am in this positon with JBP Synergy Surf:

And here with my referrals: So as you can see, over the next few months I will make $7,115 from JBP Synergy Surf Matrix cycles.

According to what I see in the various conferences and support groups, my experience with JSS TRIPLER is not extraordinary. Many do much, much better.  How much have I invested out of pocket to do this with JSS TRIPLER? Here’s an actual screenshot…

YEP, $140 out of pocket.  Today I am in this position with JSS TRIPLER, in addition to the JBP Synergy Surf matrices shown above.

I have 90 active positions earning $18 per day. Plus I am making commissions on referral purchases. And I didn’t reinvest all of my earnings.  Below are my withdrawals to date. I could have withdrawn much more and will probably withdraw the matrix earnings as I continue to build JSS TRIPLER positions with daily earnings and referral commissions. Everyone has their own strategy.

So, to critics and those that say it’s a scam, I would have to say this:

It doesn’t bother me if the owners of JSS TRIPLER are getting rich. They should for what they have done for people like me and given us a venue for truly passive income . If it folds tomorrow I will be saddened by the loss of a great source of extra income, but I have my money back and I believe I will be writing another blog like this in about a year.

I invite  you to join me here http://www.ibourl.net/tripler and feel free to also get information about IBOToolBox  It is a great FREE platform for marketers.

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