Is Trading Links With Many Other Sites Still A Very Good Thing

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Just about everyone in the Website marketing field know that backlink building really can make or break their Internet business. And a few years back, trading links with other websites was looked upon as being a terrific way to build backlinks. But with all the changes that Google has made over time, is this still considered a good marketing and advertising technique? In the following paragraphs we are going to be looking at just that, in order to inform you about the answer.

So basically a backlink is a web page link that points from one site to a different website. These inbound links are viewed as votes for your website by the major search engines like Google. So basically the more links you have pointing to your website the higher your website will rank in the major search engines. Having said that you also have to comprehend that not all backlinks are created equal. For instance if you have a link on a site that has a page rank of 4 and that link is on the home page, it is worth more than the same type of link found on a different page of that website. You need to check out the actual page rank where your backlink is located to discover its value, but the home page rank can make a slight difference in value.

Under normal circumstances you will discover that when you trade links the link pointing back to your Internet site is hardly ever on the home page. Because of this the worth of this backlink is not as powerful as if it had been on the home page. Another thing you should remember about these link Internet pages is that your link could be surrounded by countless other links. Google does not like to discover this kind of thing so obviously these links are not really counted.

Something else you may or may not have heard is that Google isn’t going to give the same power to backlinks that are exchanged as they do to one way backlinks. A one way link is actually when you’ve got a link on another Internet site but you don’t link back to that site. Google likes to see one way backlinks and they will in addition reward your site when they see these types of backlinks. You may also find sites that Google has de-indexed and if you wind up trading backlinks with them it is possible to hurt your own rankings. Of course it is not your aim to have Google dislike you, nevertheless it can happen if you trade links with the wrong Internet sites.

The only time trading inbound links can provide advantages for you is when the page where your backlink is has a good page rank and a large amount of visitors. If your backlink ends up getting concealed on some deeper page of the site there is a great chance that the page where your link is, just isn’t even indexed by Google. Which can make that website link absolutely pointless. There are plenty of ways to get backlinks for your website and when you can build high quality one way links, they will always beat out link exchanges each and every time.

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