Is it really possible to forecast when a viral marketing campaign will work well?

Viral marketing has been around for a long while now, and with the appearance of the social web, it’s become rather more far-ranging. There are nearly no hard and fast rules with this unparalleled kind of marketing mainly because it’s so hard to come up with a definition for viral marketing.
It does help to have as much information as you can about the components of viral selling.

Emotions and emotionally needs – those are the 2 things that fundamentally drive all commerce in the Western world.
So if you want to sell your idea to your target audience and get it to go viral, you can use feelings for your advantage.
Sit right down and start a list of emotions that operate at a tum level, and that may be a good starting point.

We are not sure if there is some actually deeper reason for the sharing, or if it a natural compulsion that folks have.
It is this aspect of our nature that causes us to supply that things we do with videos, for example.

Viral events, as we call them, stem from many alternative emotions such as surprising folk.
So just like anything else you try, produce your video that shocks folk and see how they react to it.
Viral videos, for example, are really great because people see them, have the emotional experience and think it is cool to love or post on Facebook.
As an example, the zoo in Canada that was mistreating animals took off in a viral fashion on Facebook a few months back – stunning.
A lot of times it is reasonably easy to tie something in to a particular product; that is the easy part.
Branding and brand recognizability really are the sole reasons for doing viral marketing.

Drama is fine, just as long as it is not going down to us – right?
So then that is another possible avenue to explore with viral campaigns.
If you need inspiration for drama, just read the news or look for it on YouTube
You'll find that most things that go viral are videos, and that is why we typically refer to them in a viral context.

Re value a viral event actually does not offer any particular value other than the emotional experience.

So we may reaffirm that your campaigns need to truly get the feelings of folks involved.

Tom Wilson is a viral marketing expert form London, Britain. His core specialism involves seeding viral marketing campaigns.

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