Internet Show – Social Video Marketing Nigel Abbott’s presentation on The Power of Social Video Marketing. Nigel covers the following Video is the medium and social is the distribution. Lets have a look at some good case studies. Lets explore some of the key rules for engaging video content. What are the opportunities with distribution — social reach? Video is the crown jewel of content marketing, simply because It is the closest medium to real life. People can both see and hear your message in such creative story telling ways and can be moved to action in ways rarely possible with other forms of content. Compelling online video should be interactive, accessible, informative and a sticky type of content: what is best referred to as “Intelligent Content.” With online videos you can create intelligent content with high production values at extremely cost effective prices. There are four key components to Social Video Marketing when developing a strategy: Developing the content — What do you want your content to actually achieve? Producing the content — What will be the style and the level of budget? Content distribution — Who and where do you want people to see your content? (target audience & reach) Measuring its success – Tracking the results.
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