Increasing Your Visibility

Every link can be regarded as beneficial if this ultimately contributes to various desired activity i.e. an increase in your exposure in search engines. The reality is, there are standard forms of link building that everybody relies on including article marketing, press release syndication and also the periodic guest blog post – however, how do you adapt your approach to link building? How do you construct links which really generate links?

The first approach you can use is to take up a competition. Competitions are a totally great solution for building up a lot of “buzz” around your brand – on top of that, they are a sure fire hit for attracting links, too. The fantastic thing about competitions is that they actually give you a “reason” to post links – classified ads, comments, even approaching a person in your network of contacts to question if they would give some thought to linking to you; you have a sure fire reason as to why they have to.

Another, more uncommon, strategy is controversy. Nothing attracts link development like a bit of controversy, or even some thing which runs against the “norm.” Nothing stirs up a link building fever such as a bit of controversy.

A third example would be the modest testimonial – is there a product which you use on a regular basis that you might be glad to totally endorse? In that case, then what are you waiting for? Seek the advice of the product creator, provide them with a testimonial and provide them complete agreement to re-publish the testimonial on their site (and clearly, discreetly, point them in the path of your website, as well).

As a final point, if you want to create links and you also need to increase your exposure in various search engines (and you actually want to act contrary to the “norm), then you should look at relationships – relationships make the online world function. Focus on the people in your network, provide them reciprocal arrangements, also make a guest post on their website and promote a few of the services you provide. If you need to do well with link building service, and you actually want to make it to the top of the tree with your specialized niche, then relationships are where it’s ).

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