Increasing Your Link Popularity

Increasing your link popularity is an important process to rank high in the various search engines. Your link popularity is defined through the number and quality of the link building directed to your site, but also through the number of different websites linking to you!

Well, listed here are two effective strategies you can employ to increase your link popularity.

1. More links: The most common strategy is by building more links pointing to your site. But even though you get them from high PR websites doesn’t imply a huge boost for your SERP. A few of the techniques generating mostly “low value” back links (Do not get me wrong, they are useful when they are from relevant websites, but they are not valuable enough) are: Article marketing, blogging, Web 2.0, Social Bookmarking and so on. These techniques are definitely effective, but they must be combined with the second method!

Sometimes the variety of link development might not be as diverse from these packs as you would be able to create yourself. One really good tip which I have implemented together with link packs is generating a google alert to alert me every time there is new content released that is relevant to my keyword(s). This then signifies that I am easily able to sift through all of the information which is published and get blogs and forums in which I can insert my link.

2. More value: Many ways you may use to create back links will only bring you a minimal amount of link popularity. Often there are lots of links which never get indexed by Google, and so they are entirely worthless for your seo campaign. The only method to avoid this is by creating hyperlinks to the pages linking to your main site, this will not just increase your websites popularity, but it will also make sure that these links are indexed by Google! This is exactly what many marketer don´t do, here is your advantage!

I strongly suggest to blend both link building service approaches for best results, and one warning at the end, do not over do it! By creating way too many back links at once, you risk to get banned or de-indexed by Google, and this is obviously something you will not want!

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