IBOToolBox Review: Free Site To Help You Drive Traffic

IBOToolBox Review: Free Site To Help You Drive ews.com/seo" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" > traffic strong>

Article by Sherman Smith

Many of you have ran into free sites with many limitations. That’s what I first thought about IBOToolBox when I first joined in May of 2011. To compared to many other free sites you will have to “upgrade” in order to take advantage of the full potential that site can give you to grow your business. This is not so with IBOToolBox.

IBOToolBox has many tools and features that you can use to help you build your business. This is definitely a way for you to add to your list of strategies. The purpose of IBO (Independent Business Owners) is to help you streamline your business online as well as build your confidence.

IBOToolBox includes:

Contact Manager – Helps you stay in contact with Associates of IBO as well as those you referred the website to.Advertising Platform – By Earning Credits, you can advertise your business, affiliate programs, or anything else on this platformMedia Sharing – You can get your blog posts, articles, and profile syndicated by other members of IBOtoolBoxBlog Publishing – Publish your blogs on IBOToolBox for others can see as well as traffic producing websites recommended by IBO toolBoxEvents Scheduling – Schedule any events such as webinars and other events through this platformBusiness Social Networking – Mingle with other business minded people and share tips, quotes and ideas

Paul Williams, the owner and creator of the site had in mind to create this platform so that you will never have to upgrade to any type of level as compared to other sites. The only thing that you have an option to do is to pay for more credits to get more advertising. Other than that you can earn your credits by blogposting which is 20 credits per post, have your referals sign up under you, or sign up for IBOToolBox training. You will need to earn 100 credits for advertising.

There is an Activity Analyzer for you to help you keep track of all of your daily activities. Paul Williams wanted this site to be fair for everyone so that everyone has a fair and equal opportunity to use IBOToolBox to its full potential.

This would include:

Complete ProfileRecent Blog ActivityRecent Wall ActivityRecent Advertising ActivityRecent Comment Activity

The best thing I’ve seen with this platform is it’s simplicity, especially if you’re just getting started with online marketing. There’s a Q&A training every Wednesday so that you can have all of your questions answered.

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