How to Promote Your Website for Traffic, Back Links, and Page Ranking

There are several strategies that web masters can utilize to promote a website, and using f ree article directories is one of the more effective strategies that work. Aside from the search engine optimization benefits that writing articles will achieve, they can also deliver a lot of traffic traight to your web site.

Most of these directories are gigantic sites where contributors can submit their ezine article free. People who use the directories can copy articles and use them on their own websites provided that they leave all the information intact, including the author’s resources box.

There are a bunch of reasons that these article directory sites are utilised by contributors.

Article promotion increases the ranking of their webpages in Google, Yahoo, and Bing’s search results. It also pulls new visitors or potential buyers to that person’s business.

And, promoting with article directories is a superb S.E.O. method that over a short period of time will bring hundreds or even more of one-way back links that signals Google that your internet page is very popular. As your pages get even more “popular”, Google regularly rewards them with better page display positions which, in turn, brings even more traffic and back links!

There are, of course, other factors involved in getting to the top of the rankings but, generally, the total amount of back links aparticular web page has influences the ranking position in the search results.

Even better, article marketing offers contributors something that no other form of web promotion has. Each time you write an article, you will have the chance to create the precise back links you want, back links directed to two or even three of the web pages you would like to promote. And, even better you—you alone—tell the search engine what keywords you want to promote by putting them in the links you create! These keywords are called “anchor text” and each search engine values them highly.

Where do you put these links? Two of them will go into an author’s resource area found at the base of each article you write. A third can sometimes be put into the content of the article itself.

It’s search engine optimization at its finest and, if you habitually post articles to lots of free article directories, your web pages will swiftly see more visitors, get more back links, and bring you profits.

Did you know that about 1% of all of the internet pages on the internet get 99% of the traffic for their keywords? It’s a fact and, in large part, due to regular article promoting with free submission directories.

Whether you want fresh articles for your blog or internet site, or traffic nd back links, the most effective way of getting what you would like is to make regular use of article submission directories.

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