How To Make Money Online With The Correct Niche Selection

How To Make Money Online With The Correct Niche Selection

Article by Juhani Tontti

The most common question from almost any newbie is, what online business niche should I select to make money online? In this article I will go through the most important factors, which influences on your niche choice. Go on reading.

You see, it is you, who will run the marketing and who will target messages to the target segment. You must have ambition and interest towards the niche you plan to choose. If you have those, you have almost solved your challenge of how to make money online.

1. <u>How To Make Money Online</u>, Are You Honestly Interested Of The Topic During A Long Period Of Time?

For instance, if you promote your online business by writing marketing articles, do you forecast that you can write an article or two per day? Or if your main vehicle is your blog, can you publish a new post daily or several times per week? These are important practical questions.

If your niche choice is very special and narrow, is it realistic to find anything to tell often enough? Or can you write only about twenty articles and then, period. So your challenge is to select the theme, which is wide and narrow, realistic for you.

You see the point? If the topic of the niche is so simple, that it is unrealistic to share useful information over and over again, your site and marketing articles are seen boring and they just do not work.

A good thing is that you can create interactive situation, where your target audience participates and shares its own experiences and helps each other. In this way, maybe with the blog, you will be seen useful and you can build your own online community, which helps you to improve your business in the long term.

2. How To Make Money Online, How Much Money Is In The Niche?

You have to find a balance between your interests and how much money is in the niche. If there is a huge competition, it means that the money is there, but so are other entrepreneurs. In this case the challenge is to create a presence, with which you can stand out from the crowd.

It is not a must to use high demand keywords to reach the big potential niche, you can also use long tail keywords and to draw targeted visitors with lots of keyword combinations, which actually are low demand keywords.

3. Make A Creativity Test.

When you have a niche topic in your mind, list all the different article topics in an hour, which you can create for this topic. If your list consists about 30 good article ideas, maybe your niche is worth trying.

This small and simple test will make it clear, if you are really interested about the topic or is it just an idea without any real content. Remember that you have to be enthusiastic about your niche during a long period of time and that your target group will notice if you are not.

When your idea passes all the above mentioned points, it has chances to be successful, because they fulfil the main criteria, you are interested about your niche topic. Now when you write an article per day, after one year you will have a high traffic ebsite, which has a proud owner, you!

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Juhani Tontti, B.Sc., Marketing. When You Plan How To Make Good Money, The Niche Selection Is The Key. Your Own Interest Determines How To Make Money On The Internet. Visit: How To Make Money Online

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