How To Keep Up Your Professionalism

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Can you recall how, not so long ago, you were able to check the entire flow of information that exists about yourself? You could, without much effort, control just what other people knew about you and how they could find out about it. This isn’t the case any longer. Nowadays, there are all kinds of ways to find out all sorts of things about you. This is tricky on a normal scale for those who hold traditional jobs. It’s a lot harder for people who work on the internet. These days, an errant tweet could mean the difference between closing the sale and not closing the sale.

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So, what must you do about it? What is the game plan? The real way to keep your reputation pristine is to be as professional as possible both online and offline. Below are a few suggestions to help you do that. 1. Be sure that every last thing you write down has no misspellings and is grammatically sound. It doesn’t really matter if you’re simply sending a a short text to someone or composing your sales page. Spelling and grammar are a must. The last thing you want is for someone to see something that you sent off, slap dash, that’s full of misspellings and grammatical errors. It proves that you don’t know what you are doing. 2. Don’t try to leave email messages and phone calls unanswered. Your responses and conversations must be courteous and cordial and positive. Never allow an online message to sit unanswered in your inbox for over a day. Never leave telephone messages unreturned. Answer each call by the third ring. It’s minor details like these that indicate to others what they want to know about you and the dedication to your job. 3. React to negative feedback with civility and positivism. Sure, there are trolls out there who only want to make you feel awful. Simultaneously, there are those who are going to have valid complaints about what you are offering or how you are offering it. Try to accept each negative feedback in your heart and ask yourself if you are able to make the alterations that the person wishes to see without having it be detrimental to your project. Then, you need to contact the person with the problem and tell him know how you will fix it (if, indeed, you will actually fix it. If you won’t, let him know that too). This will demonstrate that you take every person seriously, not only people who compliment you. 4. check your social media! When you’re in the social media world it’s too easy to forget that you’re not simply a random individual; you’re a representative of your business. The folks you are talking to might be okay with a very casual tweet or Facebook message. If someone else happens to come across the messages, though, he might think that you’re entirely too casual about your project. 5. Be as much of yourself as you can. There is no rule that says you should conceal everything that makes you you. The fact is that one of the most effective ways to distinguish yourself from the competition is to just be yourself. All the same, you’re managing a business so be sure that you keep your best face forward.

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