How to Hire the Right Project Manager for your Business

How to Hire the Right Project Manager for your Business



Having someone manage your business is essential. Many business owners don’t have the time or knowledge to effectively manage their business. Because of this reason, they often look to hire a project manager. Since it is very important to have your business running effectively, it is important to hire the right project manager for your business.

In today’s business world, there is stiff competition for project management among businesses, which makes the hiring process even more difficult. Every candidate may seem to possess the right qualifications for the position, but you don’t know if you are hiring the right person or not unless you follow these simple steps when hiring the right project manager for your business.


Any project manager worth their money will have experience and knowledge in all aspects of business. They should also be able to provide any advice necessary and answer all pertinent questions about business functions. You should ask them what their ideas are regarding how to manage a business.

If the answers are vague or the project manager is not sure of things he should know about managing projects, then keep looking. You want someone who knows how to handle a project, create, develop, and make a project succeed. You will be too busy with other things and need someone who can create a project and put it together with little input or help from you.


The project manager should be able to give you the tips on how to efficiently maximize projects, what type of projects will work for your business, and give you advice as to the projects for your business. They won’t know everything but they should have some experience as to how to accomplish these things.



You will need to narrow down the job description before opening your door to applicants. You won’t be able to find someone that excels at everything, so get specifics. This will help you focus on candidates that either meet or exceed those expectations. It will also help you to narrow down your candidates. Design questions around potential scenarios that your future project manager might encounter on the job. Listen to the candidates and focus on how quickly they can conjure up ideas, think quickly on their feet, and use creativity.

Discuss their background, skills, and experience. Ask about personal projects they engaged in and the outcome of those projects. Not only ask about successful projects, but ask about projects that were not successful, and why they were not successful. If they say they never had a project go awry, be cautious and suspicious. Nobody’s perfect. We all have started projects that were not a success. If they sound as if they are exaggerating, this probably is a good sign to avoid this person. Don’t hire an under confident or overconfident person. Ask what equipment or software they have worked with.

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