How To Build An Email List – A List Building Strategy

Here’s proof on how to build an email list. I take you into my workspace and show you an example of a strategy I used to generate over a thousand targetted users to my email list. Want to know more? Check out this blog post – Before we get started remember you can download the FREE eBook here – So what is this list building strategy which i’m sharing today? It’s video sponsoring, and it’s all about finding authorities on YouTube with a lot of subscribers who will promote your opt in page. It’s an extremely powerful method, and if you can find someone with great authority over their subscribers you’ll have no problems getting sign ups to your email list QUICKLY. As you can see I had a huge influx of subscribers to begin with along with traffic to my website, and then it starts to filter off. This is because Aaron has around 40000 subscribers, when he releases a new video these subscribers get notified. They subscribed to Aarons channel for a reason… because they LOVE him. What Aaron recommends the majority of them will jump on to and do. Whether its like a Facebook page, Follow someone on Twitter, Download a free eBook, buy a discounted product you name it what Aaron recommends a lot of them will do. The huge influx comes at the beginning of this video going live because these are his subscribers seeing this. As time passes on, i’m still getting a nice amount of subscribers each day to my email list but it’s not as much as
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