How to Be Successful with Facebook Marketing

Learning to use Facebook for marketing will take some effort, but you will be rewarded with the people that will visit your fan page.

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Acknowledge all Comments: When you’re on Facebook, how can you not be social? The whole point to Facebook marketing is the fact that it is a sociable platform. You have to be very enthusiastic about monitoring the comments of you fans and bonding with them. The reason for this is that you’ll be able win better trust of your fans. Convince them to respond to your when you make a post. Simply put, you want to be as sociable as you can. This is so that your edge ranking will go up and your fans will like you more. This will make your Facebook visibility better with your fans. It is not hard to bond with your Facebook fans by replying to their comments. This will prompt your Facebook fans to talk about your Facebook page on their pages.

Polling Your Audience: You can learn so much about what people want just by asking them to take part in a poll. Since Facebook’s overall population is really high, you will end up gathering really valuable feedback if you do it the right way. There are many people that have experienced a viral poll after it started in ‘Facebook Questions’. Besides this, it also provides you with a really effective way to interact/engage with your target audience and understand them even better. In Facebook’s view, you are given more value as your polls attract more of a following. It’s easy for updates to get lost in a news feed, but once you have a better ‘Edge Ranking’, you will be more prevalent to your fans. Now that you know this little tidbit, start taking advantage.

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Run Surveys: Facebook is a great place to get in touch with your target audience and learn more about their wants, likes and dislikes. This will be beneficial when you are trying something new and want feedback. Voting on a particular product or service is one way to use this feature. Doing surveys is nothing new under the sun since people have always used it to get a feel for how people are thinking. Focus on great  marketing  and see how,  over time,  your page can flourish with fans.

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