How Does Internet Marketing Work

Building a successful business with the help of the internet is a dream of every entrepreneur.  But does it really work and how does one go about developing an internet marketing strategy?

If you are to ask the experts at Pew Internet, they will tell you that their latest surveys show that the most popular online activities of adults in the United States are still searching and emailing.

How searching and emailing has become habitual to most adults

Since 2002, these two activities have consistently appeared as the top two in the most popular adult online activicity survey results. 

As expected, figures from 2002 have grown considerably in 9 years.  2002 figures show only 54% of Americans were using search engines.  Latest surveys pegged this figure at 72%. Email usage also posted relatively the same growth as search from 55% in 2002 to 70% in the latest survey.  This means, roughly six out of ten adults utilize these two core communication and online information gathering tools daily.

Why target search engines in internet marketing

Pew’s surveys are authoritative and decisive. They confirm the importance of creating internet marketing campaigns that are specifically directed toward the millions of people using search engines.

Pew has made it easy for internet marketers and online businesses to identify their target and to create goals with their internet studies and measurements.

Email marketing is an integral part of internet marketing

Pew studies show how different demographics engage in email activities. On a typical day, white Americans are more likely to use email than African-American and Hispanics (63% v. 48% v. 53%, respectively).

With these figures, internet marketers can tailor their campaigns to get maximum positive and progressive results.  These figures also confirm that when internet marketing is done right, business can not miss hitting their target bottomline. 

How to start

The first thing to overcome is fear of the unknown. The first steps in starting a business are always accompanied by anxieties that must be drowned out if you are to make a success of it. It is also important to understand that success is not realized overnight.  There will be a lot of work to be done, and a great deal to be learned. But with perseverance and hard work, and the help from the right internet marketing experts, achieving your goals and objectives is not far off in the future.

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