How Do I Get Targeted Web Traffic? That’s The 64 Million Dollar Question Of The Day. So just how do you get visitors to your website. What is this mysterious thing that some websites get apparently called simply web traffic. Just why is it so hard to increase site traffic Do you really have to buy website traffic or can you get it for free. How do I go about figuring this out. You see the vast majority of people I see go about web traffic ompletely the wrong way. In this first in a series of web traffic ideos, I am going to show you what the average person is doing wrong, but more importantly I am then going to show you what you need to do to fix the problem. Anyone can get web traffic to their website if you follow a proven formula. It’s not rocket science, and nor does it have to cost you anything. As an added bonus you get to hear my suave sophisticated aussie accent (yes that was a joke). What a dynamic combination. I’ve even tried my best to slow down my speaking so that… Shock horror you may actually understand it. But no guarantees. I am a geek and it’s a condition of entering the geek “brotherhood” that you talk fast. I’ve been trying to leave the brotherhood for some time now, to no avail, but I will keep on trying. So take a look (well more a listen) and I hope to answer that M dollar question today about targeted web traffic Enjoy! More videos are on the way soon, so your best bet is to subscribe to my youtube channel so you can get your hands on the videos as soon as I release them.

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