Great Hints and Tips in Marketing Online

Mass email marketing is a kind of marketing where sales are created by sending mass email messages with sales information to potential customers. It is in fact far better than any other regular advertisement. The significant difference is that regular advertisement targets regular people, while mass email marketing targets potential customers.

We create an email list in mass email marketing in order to get target potential customers, and if they subscribe it we will offer our website visitors with something free and helpful. Offering a free e-magazine, report, software or e-course for instance, and at least one third of your website visitors will subscribe to your list.

And whatever we promised free, we can deliver it to them and we can start sending sales letters related to our free newsletter. Your sales letter should relate to your free newsletter. Smoothy blending sales information into our free newsletter is also great in a way that readers won’t even notice that we are already selling something to them. They will be happy to accept and pay for our product or service as a natural solution to their problems.

A good example of that is a free newsletter about photography, where a marketer gives his subscribers useful tips and tricks, and reviews various digital cameras. He can move the camera he sells on top of the list so it could be found amond 3 best cameras when he does reviews. Got the idea now?

You can also become an email marketer if you like this concept. All you need to have for that is a website where you’re gonna publish free and helpful information, and good mass email marketing solution you’re gonna use to send your newsletters.

Having a website is so easy. Everyone can make one and it’s so cheap. Even if you can’t do it yourself, you can hire someone for $100 fixed price, and he will make a nice professionally-looking website for you in no time.

But you have to be careful as for mass email marketing solution. Like any other products, there are also good and bad mass email marketing solutions. You can send personalized messages that allows you to mention personal information, and automate everything from message delivery to database maintenance with a good mass email marketing. A good solution can allow you to automate the following:

Transmitting email messages.
Subscribe and unsubscribe.
Removing bad addresses.
Personalizing messages
These items are all very important. Manually adding new recipients and removing the ones who wish to unsubscribe is really difficult. And in case that you have 5000 people in your email list, it’s so hard for you to manually remove recipients with bad addresses based on bounce backs. So you need to have a good mass email marketing solution.

I am using Mac Mass Mailer for my Mac Book Pro laptop and Advanced Emailer for my Windows desktop. These mass email software solutions, in my opinion, are the best.


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