Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid!

For companies who are looking to promote their products and services via email marketing, the promise of a return from a campaign which takes minimal effort to implement is an enticing one.  These businesses shouldn’t be too quick to act as there are a number of ways in which an email marketing campaign can fall foul of practices which could otherwise be easily avoided.  Here are few common mistakes to avoid when planning your campaign.

If you are looking to use an email marketing company then take your time and weigh up your options when considering potential suppliers.  A simple online search will bring up a list of email marketing companies so it is up to you to narrow them down to one that will meet the needs of your business.  Don’t automatically fall into the trap of opting for the company which offers you the lowest price as it is far more important do choose a provider with a proven track record.

When sendin your emails out it is extremely important that you don’t forget to include an ‘unsubscribe’ link in your mail.  It may sound a little counterintuitive to include such a link, however this is now a legal requirement in the UK as a means of reducing email spam.  It will also have the effect of building trust amongst your customers.

It is also important that you don’t send out any emails without a link to your company’s privacy policy.  Again, this is crucial for building trust with your recipients as they will be comfortable in the knowledge that you can be trusted with any personal information that they submit.  Your company’s privacy policy must include information about what details you will be storing such as their name, email contact and telephone details.  It must also include information as to which of these details you are likely to be sharing with any partnering companies (if at all).

If you are going to make the effort to email potentially thousands of customers then your emails should clearly display your contact details by which they can reply to.  It would work best if your company’s name appears in the ‘from’ field and an appropriate email address is included in the body of the email for people to reply.

It should go without saying that your emails must be well presented, designed and worded.  A dull, lifeless email that seemingly doesn’t even bother to encourage your customers to take advantage of the information you’re sending will just be a waste of time.  If you are unsure as to how best to present your emails then you would be wise to seek out a company who offers email marketing services.

Just as you shouldn’t send out an email without your contact details, you should make a point of including a link to your website.  Even if your readers aren’t interested in the offers contained in the email, they may still find something of interest on your website.

It should be simple enough for you to avoid these basic errors and successfully run your email campaign.

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