Efficient Web Page Marketing Techniques Using Article Syndication

One of the more effective free strategies to promote a web page is using article directory sites as part of a web page marketing strategy. As well a s delivering a lot of new visitors, effective use of article directories may also be helpful to an seo campaign to increase that site’s rankings.

Most of these article sites are very big resources where many web masters submit their articles totally free. Folks who visit these directories often check out the site that is linked to the article that they like.The obvious advantage to article marketers is that they don’t have to pay for traffic coming from these article directories.

And, the advantage to article directory visitors is they can use these articles on their own blog or web site so long as they leave the links within the author resource box and content untouched.

Think about that a moment. Imagine you need to build a blog or website which has Adsense on it. Instead of taking a lot of time researching and writing your own content, you could find relevant content on these article directory sites, then simply copy and paste it into a fresh page on your site. Very simple, efficient page building. It’s no wonder so many website owners often visit free article directories!

And, for the author of the article, these directories increase visitors to their site by directing traffic hru the article’s resource box.

Better, articles also help the ranking of a website in Google because when the articles are used by a user a back link is created for the article marketer’s site. This is very useful in improving rankings in search results because Google thinks of these links as “votes” of confidence and, the better the quantity and quality of links, the better a page frequently displays.

There are other factors Google and the other engines use to determine the rank of a web page, of course, but generally speaking the number of back links that an online property as is one of the most important factors in where and what position that page will be displayed in the search websites.

Of all of the strategies to build back links and traffic the best, most productive way is often via article submissions.

For optimal results in promoting your pages, follow these straightforward guidelines:

1. Write a good quality, relevant article of a minimum of 300-400 words.

2. Use modern “spinning” technology to make dozens or more of similar but unique versions of a single article (Google will disregard duplicate content).

3. Post different versions to several different free directories (best practice: subscribe to an inexpensive service that does this automatically).

4. Put at least two back links into the writer resource box, one to the index page and another to the page you want to promote.

5. The “anchor text” (keyword that an individual clicks on in a link) should be the keyword or a similar keyword of the page to which the link will go.

6. Post consistently, one article a week is recommended.

The best internet marketers understand the importance of web page promotion using free article directories to promote their web pages. Do what they do and you might get to the top of Google very quickly.

Whether you want to find great free content for your own blog or website or are looking for a lot morevisitorsand important back links, make it a point to frequently post to online article websites.

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