E-Commerce: Privacy And Security

This paper will provide incite on the advantages and downsides of doing e-commerce in an insecure open and overly safe environment. At one time or another, a few of us have had the experience of private info passed between two events over the internet intercepted by non third social gathering affiliate akin to a hacker or a cracker. Unfortunately, these invasions of privacy and safety still exist today. That’s why it is extremely necessary to have a secured and private change that stops security breaches from happening altogether.

E-commerce operations within an insecure open surroundings generally allows customer to navigate and browse within the web site easier, whereas, a buyer would not must login to view the site. The customer could be free to look at the catalog and then make a purchase. The prices associated with implementing an insecure open surroundings are typically low compared to a very safe environment. Nevertheless, the disadvantages can have grave penalties in that information may be breached by hackers (individuals that hack into laptop applications for enjoyable without compromising), crackers (individuals that crack into laptop applications with malicious intent), and viruses that overwrite programs.

The choice of using a very safe setting gives the greatest security and privateness during financial transactions. It adds belief between the shopper and enterprise that data is secured. Whereas, the unsecure open atmosphere broaches the frequent sense security protocols and questions whether the service may be trusted (Drumheller, 2008). A very common system used as we speak is public key infrastructure (PKI) that is integrated with public key cryptography in that knowledge is encrypted and decrypted. The PKI integration gives the authentication of the transaction by the use of digital certificates and certificates authorities. Whereas, the sender makes a transaction by a public key (encrypted) that goes to the receivers non-public key (decrypted) to complete the transaction (Byron, 2001). The disadvantages related to a very secured environment are the client will need to establish a login account to make a purchase, which arguably, may take longer for the transaction to be processed. Furthermore, the costs of implementing are higher.

If the only choices out there are the 2 discussed above, that should be advisable for Grandma’s Treats can be the overly secured atmosphere due to the belief issue with clients and the apparent security it provides. Nonetheless, assurances and precautions have to be rather than any disseminating info between parties is protected from loss, misuse and/or alterations always (Online Privateness Alliance, n.d.).

Although the above suggestion is possible, the best choice for Grandma’s treats would be the utilization of (1) unsecured pages and (2) secured pages such as financial transactions. Where the customer can simply browse and add products into the buying cart with out logging into Grandma’s Treats website. When the shopper is ready to purchase, then the shopper is distributed to a secured web page to login and make the transaction.

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