Discover The Truth About Google Plus One



You must be familiar with the social networking sites that are today’s rage for teens, youths and adults alike. Well, so just like Orkut, Facebook and Twitter, Google too launched its own social networking site called Google Plus. This is not the first social networking site that Google has introduced. Before Google Plus One, there were sites like Orkut and Buzz which were launched, but which just didn’t click with many people. With many extra features and so the “+ 1”, it is sure to lure members to join this new social networking site. It also gives you the opportunity to buy Google Plus Ones. Though Google has just launched its Google Plus One, its success rate can only be told some months later. As of now, it is important to know the various features of this new social networking site.


What is Google Plus one?


Google plus one is supposed to be a take on Facebook and Twitter with features that improve upon the former social networking sites. Therefore, Google Plus has launched some privacy settings where you can share information at your discretion. Not only can you decide what information to share with whom, you can also create groups for different people like family, close friends etc. There is a feature called circle, where you can add people of your taste and mentality and share only intimate details with them. Hangout is the place where you won’t feel it is virtual at all. This enables you to share and watch videos together and video conferencing for 9 people at a time. You can also upload photos directly from your phone at a super speed. To top it all, the +1 feature can be a boon to the online gamers who are expected to remain glued to the site. You can also try to buy Google plus ones from different sites to further accentuate the fresh feel.


What is the role of the plus one button?


The plus one button is one of the novelty features of Google plus one. You can share your ideas on music, movies, politics, fashion and every other topic by sharing them with your preferred circle of friends or family. You can also use + 1 to share an article or post with your group of friends who are interested in that particular subject. You have the discretionary power here to decide who should see the fact that you like or “publicly +1d” a new article or post or a video or anything else.


Where can you buy Google plus ones?


There are several sites which let you  buy Google plus ones at a discounted rate. Like everything these vary in quality and it is always best to opt for a quality solution when you want to buy Google plus 1 .


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