Any claim made or implied by either party or parties privy to this and all related material concerning any and all discussions, whether in print or verbal, regarding any future earnings or results obtained as a direct result of the implementation of any and all services and/or product(s) of John’s Free Reviews (johnsfreereviews.com) and/ or any of this Company’s affiliate(s) or partner(s) should be perceived as complete speculation or opinion and rendered for comparison purposes only and should be viewed as a “reasonable estimate” and should not be used for evaluation purposes.

Under no circumstances should any representation to any current or future earnings be deemed as a promise, guarantee or warranty from this Company or advertising company and that any decision from you to participate or purchase any service, course or product should be made after due diligence on the part of the party enrolling in the same. In no uncertain terms do we suggest you enter into any arrangement without proper research and understanding, and that any decision to participate should never be based upon or be the result of any promise or guarantee made towards any and all future earnings.

We absolutely make no representation to any future earnings and we officially acknowledge that any and all results from training, mentoring, purchase of software and/or their implementation are direct results of an individual’s effort, understanding, implementation and personal desire to partake in such activity and all current economic conditions and, as with any educational platform, results will vary and are never guaranteed. Should there be any doubt or confusion about this Company’s position on this subject, we ask that you pause action and and email us about it.

From time to time, we promote certain products that I believe may be worthy of your time and attention. In return for that and only in the cases where you puchase directly through me or my link may I be compensated by the producers of those products. Because I am rewarded a commission should you purchase through any of my links, this will help me continue spreading the word about this and other products and dedicate my time to identifying other potentially beneficial and useful products for you and other members of my membership list.

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