Crucial Importance of Niche Selection for Auto Blogging

Crucial Importance of Niche Selection for Auto Blogging

Article by Robert Vonau

With auto blogging surely but surely growing from strength to strength, more and more people are trying their hands at it. Unfortunately, many of these people find that the results they obtain leave much to be desired, and nine times out of ten it all boils down to a question of niche selection. End of the day, niche selection is of the utmost important when it comes to auto blogging – and you’re about to find out why.

Basically, the way in which most pieces of auto blogging software work is that they source articles from RSS feeds that deal with topics consistent with the niche that your blog is in. If you haven’t had much experience with niches and niche selection in the past, it should suffice to say that a ‘niche’ is simply a topic area that your blog covers.

For example, ‘castles’ is a niche. Similarly, ‘European castles’ is a niche too, and it is slightly more specific than the ‘castles’ niche (since it is a subniche of it!). Along the same veins you could even come up with a niche such as ‘Scottish castles’ which is a subniche of the ‘European castles’ niche too!

As you should be able to see from the above example, niches can be very general or very specific. For auto blogging, you absolutely must select niches that are as specific as possible so that the articles that are automatically sourced end up being connected to your niche very well. Going back to the above example, a niche such as ‘castles’ may include other topics such as ‘castle cleanliness’ which may not be of interest to readers but would still be auto blogged simply because it is contained within the ‘castle’ niche.

On the other hand the ‘Scottish castles’ niche refers specifically to castles within Scotland and therefore is a lot more specific and a lot less likely to suffer from this problem!

Bear in mind that your niche selection is also going to determine the keywords that you target – which is of equal importance when it comes to auto blogging. After all, those keywords are going to be what helps your blog to get ranked on search engines and therefore it is essential that you are targeting the right keywords within your niche to ensure the best possible results.

Take your time and think about the niche that your blog is meant to be in. Figure out whether or not you can make it more specific, and try to do so. By spending even just a little bit of time dealing with this issue you can avoid a lot of future mishaps.

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