Brand New Domain Names Are Being Introduced In The Web

Domain names are the key to accessing websites quickly and easily. They also assist in routing emails to their destinations quickly. Several domain name suffixes (extensions) are already available, but many other new domain names are being introduced. By the way, I also deal with domain names. You can visit my website for good domain name ideas.

Existing Domain Name Suffixes

Some of the most popular domain name suffixes are mentioned below. Most internet users are at least somewhat familiar with most, if not all of them.

‘.com ‘ – reserved for commercial use. This domain name can be registered for fairly long periods, including periods of 1 year, 5 years and 10 years.

‘.net ‘ – reserved for use by Internet service providers (ISPs). Firms registering this domain name may have multiple domain names.

‘.info ‘ – at one time this domain name was associated with websites providing information, but it’s not limited to these types of sites.

‘.org ‘ – believed to be reserved for use by non-profit organisations. Groups registering this domain name may have multiple domains. The use of a .org domain name confers professional standing and credibility to its owner.

‘.biz ‘ – huge firms and other organizations use this domain name.

‘.edu ‘ – a domain name which is reserved for organizations associated with education.

Domain Names Being Introduced

Various new domain names are being introduced and are beginning to appear on the internet. Some of these new domain names include:

‘.nu ‘ – a domain name associated with very low registration fees. It may be activated vary fast, within 24 hours.

‘.travel ‘ – easy to set up; this domain name focuses on the travel and hospitality sector. Businesses operating in the following areas may use the .travel domain name suffix: airlines, cruise lines, tourism offices of national interest, hotels and restaurants.

‘.me ‘ – a domain name which isn’t only easy to obtain, but offers all kinds of intriguing possibilities.

‘.pro ‘ – reserved for use by experts and connoisseurs. This domain name is easy to set up and launch. But to register a .pro domain, one’s personal status as a ‘.pro ‘ must be proven.

‘.coop ‘ – reserved for use by business cooperatives; only qualified entities can register this domain name.

‘.bz ‘ – as its name implies, this domain name is to be used by firms or individuals engaged in business practices.

‘.name ‘ – a domain name which is intended strictly for personal use; .name allows the owner to use many domains.

‘.museum ‘ – as suggested by the name, .museum is reserved for use by museums only. These organisations may have many domains.

‘.cc ‘ – anybody is allowed to buy and register this domain name – it’s a universal domain name suffix which is open and available to all.

‘.tv ‘ – for generic use only; this domain name must be registered for 2 years at a time.

‘.ws ‘ – another domain name meant for generic use; .ws involves multiple domain services. This domain name can be activated quickly, within 24 to 48 hours.

ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) governs domain names and their usage throughout the world. It is indicating that a large number of additional domain names are probably going to be introduced in the internet in the future. This development would give site owners a much wider choice with regard their domain names.

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