Beginners Guide on How to Earn Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

Beginners Guide on How to Earn Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

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A lot of individuals are surprise to learn that anyone can make money online without building a business or having a major business idea. You can do this and more by simply promoting products and services online. This act is often called affiliate marketing.

So what is affiliate marketing and how can it help make money online? Affiliate marketing is define by Wikipedia as a marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer who brought products or services from the merchant’s website by the affiliate marketing effort.

Affiliates earn commissions each time they drive traffic #105;nto a producer’s website which are given through PayPal or through financial institutions. With affiliate marketing you can promote products through emails, advertising and online links in exchange for extra money.

Affiliate marketing is best for online users where consumers can move from one blogs to another without disrupting the flow of the other websites. You can easily track all the referrals you have given a particular website to avoid dishonest affiliate managers. Each year the marketing sector do annual surveys to tally how much was earn in the affiliate marketing industry and they have concluded that affiliates earnings are increasing several percentages each year. Would you like to make money with affiliate marketing? This article will guide you on how to get started in the affiliate marketing program.

Key Players in Affiliate Marketing

3 people are required in order for affiliate marketing to work properly:

• Merchant – The business producer that sells product or service on the internet. They also own and run the affiliate program

• Customer – a person who buys products or services sold in the internet

• Affiliate – the person (that is YOU) who actively promotes the products the products and services sold online. You are the first contact with the customer (by referrals or by emails) before they are transferred to the merchant

Note: all of this terminology will be used in the remainder of the article, so be guided accordingly.

Basic affiliate marketing theories

Affiliate marketing is a very straight forward process. The merchant is responsible in installing special software that allows affiliate marketers to create an affiliate account. This software will then issue a special link in which an affiliate can create a webpage, write emails and content articles that will promote the products or services. The webpage that you have created will direct viewers into the merchant’s website via an affiliate link. The software in the merchant’s website will track how many visitors have arrive in the website from a particular affiliate link and if one of these visitors buy products or services then the software will automatically updates how much commission an affiliate will be receiving at the end of the week or month. The affiliate software is also responsible for the pay out of commissions via PayPal or any other online banking system.

How to become an affiliate marketer?

You need to understand everything about affiliate marketing program before you can start making money online. Here are some basic steps:

1. Choose a Product with an affiliate program

Look for an online business that sells product or services that you believe in and have confidence promoting it to other people. You may try to use the product and your personal experience will give a plus factor in promoting it. Don’t forget to choose a product with an affiliate program.

2. Sign up to the Affiliate Program to get a special “Identifier” link

Now that you have already chosen a product or service, its time to sign up to an affiliate program, you can do it online for a few minutes. All you have to do is write full name, your preferred username, active email address, a password and select the mode of payment. Once it is completed and approved you are automatically provided with a special affiliate link.

What is a link? A link is the blue underlined text you can see on the webpage that enables moving from webpage to another easier without disrupting the previous page. This link will allow merchants to easy how many visitors have the affiliate sent toward his webpage.

3.Post the link on your website (or give emails regularly) and get people to click on the link.

Once click they are automatically transferred to the merchants webpage to either buy the said product or services or not. A commission is automatically given to you once a sale is made. Other visitors don’t automatically buy any products, they tend to read more about the product and look for reviews. Once they are satisfied with what they read they will come back a few weeks later and buy.

4. How to get paid?

Affiliates may receive its payment automatically through PayPal or it may directly be deposited to your preferred bank account.

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