What If You Were Asked?

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URGENT! If someone were to come to you a few years ago and asked if you wanted to be an investor with Amazon, Gilt, Fab or One King Lane,¬† knowing what you know now would you have invested? Yes! FRIENDS…the opportunity is NOW! My team leader, Bob Goshen, is launching a new E-commerce site.

This is a new business model! New era retail (online shopping) and social marketing (people referring people – “Hey Joe Best Buy is having a sale”). How hard is that? “Hey Buford!! This is Bob! I just bought this cool chain saw online!! You should check out this website!!” This is about to happen!! Just like Bob telling Buford to check out a website BUT the only difference is, you get compensated for it! How many times have you referred someone to go to Walmart, Best Buy, Menards, go see a movie, etc.? And how many times did those companies send you a check? None? If you are at all curious to find out why a bunch of us are excited.

Modere product lineModere is a brand new lifestyle essentials company that is introducing a range of products in the personal care, health & wellness and home care categories. A complete brand identity and branding system was created along with package design for over 100 items and a responsive website.

We are not a MLM. We are a new ERA retail shopping site. Transform your home and body into a Toxic free environment starting today. No Auto shipping, no monthly min, buy when and what you want. Different right?

See you on the inside  ~ https://modbydebnjohn.ShiftingRetail.com

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