Amazon Kindle – A User’s Review

Do you know what Amazon Kindle is?  It is in principle a gadget used in reading e-book. Even though it can be done by using other gadget as well, for example tablet PC, Amazing Kindle has distinctive feature for such purpose. What are its features that make it so captivating?What makes this gadget special is the integrated features to read e-book with much ease

E-ink Feature The example of the most useful technology in it is having the E-ink feature The function of this technology is to provide you with experience of reading the e-book as if it was printed on paper instead of displayed on screen It works by reflect the light instead of emit it as the common digital screen does This way, it is more friendly for your eyes to enable long hour of reading the e-book. Unfortunately, this features only allow you to read in black and white

Access to Unlimited E-book Though there are several other ebook readers, Amazon Kindle could gain its advantages due to the fact that it is Amazon’s product. This means, access to most completed e-book library is guaranteed Instead of buying the book, the price of e-book is 30 to 60% cheaper, and no mail charges will be addressed to you as in buying the actual book. For the book readers, this is the dream comes true!

Internet Access and Other Integrated Features The Wi-Fi feature of Amazon Kindle enables you to connect to internet anytime! This means you can buy e-book via Kindle anytime and still can get in touch and share about your newly read e-book via social media It also has speakers which can be used to manage Kindle to read the text for us, as well as for listening to the music while reading It has long hour battery tank, that could last for couple of weeks. Not to mention that Kindle has minimum loading time, and also lightweight and thin to be carried everywhere.

The Downsides Due to its perfection, there are several factors which can be improved from Kindle One of them is no external memory available as well as no notes feature to write on. Additional of dictionary could also help for its use as e-books are available in several languages. However, for those who are fond of reading, this baby could serve you pretty well and you could have better e-book reading experience!



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