3 Clickbank Merchant Mistakes You Should Avoid

If you sell digital products or plan on doing it, one of the best options available out there is Clickbank, which is a complete solution for product owners to sell their products and get affiliates to bring in more sales. Unfortunately, there are many vendors and merchants all making the same mistakes that could really damage their success rates on Clickbank. This article will discuss some of the more frequent mistakes commonly made by plenty of Clickbank vendors. New innovative techniques found at this wholesale solar supplier web page

One of the more common mistakes made by many Clickbank vendors is trying to get their website listed onto the marketplace long before their site is actually ready to start receiving customers. Don’t try to open it up to the public if your site is still under construction. Imagine how much business you’d lose if Clickbank suddenly started sending traffic o your site, but it was only showing a message from your web host saying ‘site under construction’. There are 100.000+ affiliates on Clickbank that could easily get the wrong impression.

We feel it is a clear mistake to provide upgrades for your products at Clickbank. Place a solid upsell with your ordering process, and you will see more affiliates wanting to promote your product. For example: you have product A and product B. If an affiliate is comparing two products, and B has great one time offers plus upsells, then obviously B will be chosen. These are the marketing devices that the more driven affiliate marketer likes to see. If you want to know about the latest you need to check out this wholesale solar supplier blog

Never just have one call to action on your sales page, and in fact you should test multiple locations and numbers.

You can make good use of both graphics and text ordering links. You can annoy your readers by placing too many calls to action, so exercise good judgment. It is hard to say how much having only one order link will hurt you – so test it. You can definitely have too many, and that creates the feeling of pressure to order which is not good. Rest assured there is a right number for your letter and your market; you need to find it.

As a Clickbank vendor, you can earn a very nice income when you get things right with your products and learn a few important ropes. The most successful Clickbank vendors got that way because they promoted in good markets plus they did not make the kinds of mistakes we just talked about. The key as always is to have confidence and take as much action as you can each day. You will go farther if you are willing to put the work into it. New innovative techniques found at this wholesale solar supplier page

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