Nav-to-Net (Truly Integrated e-Commerce for NAV)

Digital Vantage Point Inc. is the global leader in delivering cost-effective, integrated e-commerce solutions to Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers and partners for over a decade. Watch how Nav-to-Net is embedded within Microsoft Dynamics NAV and can manage e-commerce websites entirely within NAV, while ensuring online business continuity, the most critical … Continue reading

Startups Uncensored #24 – Affiliate Marketing with @ShoeMoney

Docstoc CEO, Jason Nazar, continues to host the largest ongoing tech event in Southern California, Startups Uncensored. It’s a forum where well-known entrepreneurs are able to share their lessons and experiences. Startups Uncensored #24 features Jeremy Schoemaker. Widely known by his nickname ShoeMoney, Jeremy is an important player in the … Continue reading

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